No.1 female director in China’s box office


中国票房第一的女导演 – No.1 female director in China’s box office

By Wilson Lin(Target China)
23 Feb 2021


On 15 February 2021, the film named ‘Hi Mom’ grossed over $1.5 billion, making director Jia Ling the highest-grossing female director in the Chinese film history.





This is a film that accidentally travels back in time. Going back is not about saving the world or having a love affair, but about meeting up with her mother who has already passed away.


Jia Ling is the most popular comedian in China, and this is her first time directing a film. ‘Hi Mom’ could not have been so successful without her sincerity, in addition to her hard work. Such qualities as sincerity and kindness come from Jia Ling’s loving family.



这部电影的英文名叫Hi Mom,而中文名叫你好,李焕英。李焕英是贾玲的母亲的名字,她在贾玲19岁时意外去世,成了贾玲心中永远的伤痛。


She is from a not very wealthy family and not a good-looking girl. Despite working very hard, he never became famous. But she was able to keep going with the support of her family.


The film is called ‘Hi, Li Huanying’ in Chinese. Li Huanying is the name of Jia Ling’s mother, who died unexpectedly when she was 19 and became a permanent sorrow in Jia Ling’s heart.


Now, she has achieved fame and fortune, she does her best to give back to her father and sister but can never repay her mom. She created this film and acted in it herself, hoping to use it to honour her mother and also tell the audience to spend more time with their parents and family.



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