Weekly Star Selection 3.1-3.5

Weekly Star Selection 3.1-3.5

By Wilson Lin(Target China)
6 Mar 2021

The authoritative release of “weekly star selection” 


  1. Jike Junyi: Jike Junyi, who has outstanding iron lung and golden voice, has been implementing the European and American wind route, with European and American temperament and fashion style, the stage style is also dynamic and sexy, also as her own microblogging nickname “I am very windy every day”, the earth is windy, ride the wind and break the waves!

2. Ziwen Wang: She is “Ode to Joy” in the brutal and capricious “Qu Goblin” Qu Xiaoxiao “Qu Goblin”, is the “amazing pediatrician” in the efforts of upward Jiao Jia Ren, the recent “thumping again heart” is being broadcast, the topic of high degree of heat.

  1. Jiang Chao: he debuted as a singer that has countless fans, with a handsome appearance and took a lot of domineering president role, in the “I am the actor 3” once again sharpened the self, stand out and compete for the final championship, look forward to his performance!

  1. Fu Seoul: “Oddball 7” is on the air, to “sharp style” is known by everyone’s debater Fu Mom Fu Seoul, always time and again, frankly tell their own stories, brain wide open words, known by netizens as the soul of the paragraph, is also a popular candidate to win this season.

  1. Qin Xiao Xian: As a comedian of Deyunshe, he is known as the face of Deyunshe with his handsome appearance, and his fans cover the young group with good popularity. National Tide” official announcement, look forward to him to “national tide experience officer” identity to bring more surprises to the audience.

  1. Wangou: Recently, Wangou opened the dominant screen mode, “the sister of the wave 2” “star detective 6” “long live” hot broadcast, the topic points continue to output, personal popularity and commercial value climbing, look forward to her subsequent performance.

  1. Sun Yizhou: strength actor, sunny appearance recognizable high, the recent “ideal life of love” “long live” hot broadcast, partner Wang Ou, Song Yi, etc., the drama topic and heat continues to rise, the follow-up to be broadcast “good girl good man”.

  1. Zhang Xincheng: With “In the name of family” in the He Ziqiu to enhance the national popularity, jumped to the current hot flow of one of the boys, recently attended the “microblog night” ascetic cold wind style, quite some “sick” taste, attracted the netizens hot debate.

  1. Wang Yuan: Congratulations to Wang Yuan for winning the microblogging annual pioneer original singer in the microblogging night that just came to an end, and dominated the hot search that night, the topic is constantly, looking forward to the singer Wang Yuan subsequently create more excellent works.

  1. Song Yi: a smart and capable Office Lady is a delicate little beauty next to her boyfriend after work! The ideal life of love” is finally on air. Song Yi plays Dai Xi Xi, who combines beauty and pampering in the drama, and the related topics have been read by nearly 200 million people. On air: “The Ideal Life of Love”, “The Superfluous Son-in-Law”; to be broadcast: “The Wind Rises in Luoyang”, “Summer Dreams Poetry”.

11. Wallace Chung: When will the decency of the little marquis come, everyone collectively rush up! The “Jin heart like a jade” hot start, at once occupied a seat in the top three of the cat’s eye heat, Wallace Chung played is the marquis Xu Lingyi, gentle and elegant, charming, Zhong Hanliang is also too suitable for it! On air: “The Heart of a Lady”; to be broadcast: “The Rest of My Life”, “The Hangover“.

12. Tan Song Yun: What about the concubine girl, a craft said talent, a knowledge of the world said human feelings. The TV series “Jin Xin Qi Yu”, adapted from the popular ip “concubine’s daughter strategy”, has recently started broadcasting, Tan Song Yun’s role of Luo XI Niang broke the bondage of concubine’s daughter, and the topic has risen straight up! On air: “The Heart of a Concubine”; To be broadcast: “August Unseen

13. Xiao Zhan: There are many men in suits and collars, but Xiao Zhan’s charm can always capture the hearts of many people! Not smile is a serious president, a smile is a gentle little cute, recently also officially announced to become the spokesman for the brand Morrison glasses his new look is also handsome, business value is immeasurable! On air: “Douluo Continent”; To be broadcast: “The rest of my life please teach me more” “Ace Force”.

14. Zhang Xiaofei: a mother lifetime mother! The mother of Fei online persuasion, wild children to listen to the words of oh! The recent “Hello, Li Huanying” has gained a lot of attention, Zhang Xiaofei’s offline activity of a “give mom a long face” sense of humor, this time more than four billion box office results are really pleasing, look forward to the new work of Xiaofei! In theaters: “Hello, Lee Hwan-young

15. Wang Junkai: Stemmed teenager fun, Wang Junkai witty answer happy atmosphere heating up! Recently attended the award ceremony activities put on a suit to become an adult look, a different kind of interesting answer to liven up the atmosphere of the red carpet, 160 million reads, probably many people were little Kai’s humor laugh to it! To be broadcast: “749 Bureau”, “731”, “1921

16.Feier Li: Who says girls don’t have rock&roll? The third time when the captain of the sister Feier Li is still full of energy, hands on top of the head is to put on the crown for themselves, insist on challenging themselves is the most rock thing! Looking forward to always challenging yourself, riding the waves, the fire of you! On air: “Ride The Wave Sister Season 2

  1. Deng Xiaozhi: Qing3’s expression management to see who? Of course it’s Deng Xiaoz! In contrast to the “changing expressions” is Deng Xiaozi’s volatile face, but under the guidance of Mr. Li Ronghao has improved, nearly 100 million readers is also the producer’s expectations of you! The attention UP! On air: “Youth with you 3”.

18.  Annie Yi: half a hundred years wasted seems to be in her just hourglass a grain of fall, the wind over it will be no trace. Fifty-three-year-old I can write a long article in the Weibo, now career and love double success of her children also have good results, confess such a self is also a great affirmation of their own!