How to bring million dollars in just one day on Chinese e-commerce platforms?

Interested in the Chinese market? Unfamiliar with the unique consumer culture and consumer behavior that has developed in China? Don’t have Chinese marketing knowledge and experience? However, you still can bring million dollars in just one day on Chinese e-commerce platforms.

Do you know the new innovative business models in China such as “Social E-commerce,” “Live Stream and Short Video,” “New Retail,” “VR Shopping” etc.?

How to use these new business models to improve the effectiveness of marketing communication in China? Who are your potential customers in China? How to set up your customised marketing strategy through the social media platform in China? What are the Cross-Border E-Commerce models? What is KOL marketing, how to get product exposure through KOLs and Celebrities?

We are glad to share our experience and case study to help Australia brands create a “Hot Sale Item” in China.

We hope our workshop will interpret these subjects from different angles and inspire all of us who want to improve marketing effectiveness in the Chinese market. We will introduce new ways to help Australian brands produce and distribute creative content emerged to meet the needs of different consumer segments in China and help you export products to China successfully and make your business more profitable.

Our workshop will invite Guohua Zhang, the Chair Man of China Advertising Association to introduce China new advertising policy and law, which will help you understand the complexities that come with exporting products to China. We also invite Target China partner iQiyi, the largest video streaming platform in China with 500 million monthly active users to introduce new ways to increase brand exposure on these video streaming platforms.

  1.  Opening Speech ( 14:00 – 14:20 ) – Guohua Zhang

Title: The Chair Man of China Advertising Association, Former Director of Advertising Department, Ministry of Commerce of China and International Advertising Association (IAA) Vice President

  1. Australia Cross Border Business on Social Commerce in China – What, Why and How? ( 14:25 – 15:30)

Speaker: Target China

  1. Workshop Q&A Discussion ( 15:35 – 16:00)

Speaker: Target China & Guests

  1. Special Guest: Online Advertising exposure via iQiyi platform

Guest: Representative from iQiyi

iQiyi (Chinese: 爱奇艺), formerly Qiyi (Chinese: 奇艺), is an online video platform based in Beijing, China launched on April 22, 2010. iQiyi is currently one of the largest online video sites in the world, with nearly 6 billion hours spent on its service each month, and over 500 million monthly active users. On March 29, 2018, the company issued its IPO (initial public offering) in the U.S. and raised $2.25 billion.

  1. Afternoon Tea

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