Little Red Book – the emerging marketing trend you shouldn’t miss out!


Little Red Book – the emerging marketing trend you shouldn’t miss out!

By Wilson Lin(Target China)
17 Feb 2021

What is RED?

Started in 2014, Xiaohongshu, also known as Little Red Book, or simply Red, has grown to become China’s foremost fashion and luxury shopping platform. This innovative app now attracts over 100 million users – mostly young Chinese shoppers to share their shopping know-how and product reviews. This represents an amazing opportunity for brands to build their market presence in Chinese people. It’s why big players like Chanel, Dior, and Louis Vuitton are paying so much attention to this emerging platform.


And now, the tricky part: Little Red Book isn’t really a shopping platform at all.

It’s first and foremost a content-sharing site, where users can post product photos with reviews and tips for other users to read, comment, and save to their boards – just like Pinterest. In contrast with other e-commerce platforms, Little Red Book focuses on a unique blend of trusted user-generated content, word of mouth advertising, and online community-building.


Little Red Book focuses heavily on building trust and reliability between the platform and consumers, rewarding users for posting suggestions and advice to followers.


Why is it important?

China’s e-commerce industry is predicted to be worth $1.8 trillion RMB (Chinese dollar) by 2022, and a large chunk of this growth is expected to come from the fashion and luxury goods market. Thus, this is an awesome opportunity for brands to promote their products or services, and Little Red Book gradually becomes a “must-have” social media platform.


The popularity of these kinds of posts indicated the value of authenticity on the platform, with users rewarding influencers for realism, accessibility, and being relatable.


Target Audience

In Sydney, almost 80% of these users are middle or upper-class women between ages of 25-35 with higher degrees of disposable income. This is an incredibly lucrative market for fashion, beauty, luxury and cosmetics brands.

Since its launch, Little Red Book has hit some amazing stats. For example, on June 6, 2017, Little Red Book held a shopping festival to celebrate the anniversary of its founding, and the sales revenue of the day exceeding 100 million RMB in just two hours (WOW)!




So… How can we help? 

With extensive experience in the media/marketing fields, Target China holds a mature RED celebrity operation system with 100+ celebrities, KOLs and KOCs to assist you in reaching the brand promotional goal!

Our hassle-free service includes:

  • RED account/official account set-up
  • Professional copywriting and content creation
  • Account operation, customer service, and management
  • Influencer marketing – KOL/KOC management
  • Vlog creation
  • RED store and Livestream set-up
  • Seamlessly connect RED and WeChat


Speak to us today if you have any queries about Little Red Book, we are more than happy to help!  🙂