Ten promotion strategies of WeChat Official Accounts

By Penno Chen(Target China)
02 April 2017

To most of the new established WeChat Official Accounts, reputation is very important. If users KOL to speak and spread the notice of the account, it will surely enhance the product credibility and its exposure as well as obtain a part of the loyal original users. KOL may be contacted by consulting Target China.

2. WeChat group chats
Group chat promotions have consistently been a more secured way to proceed promotions. Many WeChat Official Accounts receives its first batch of followers through this strategy. It should be noted that when the article is forwarded to the group, be sure to attach your own opinion or refine the content of the article, also maintain interactions with other users in the group, otherwise it will be defined by other users as a hard ad (display Advertising) resulting in weak attentions and low click-in rate.

3. Upload WeChat Official Account to Navigation sites
WeChat has its own dedicated WeChat navigation sites, not only information of the Official account can be uploaded but also original articles. This allows more users to be able to search and find the Official Account through computers.

4. Video Promotion
If you have the ability to produce interesting and hilarious videos, by uploading onto Youku and Bilibili etc. video platforms with the QR code of the Official account attached, it will certainly produce positive promotion results.

5. Ground Promotion
Search for locations where users gather, through display service+prize gift to obtain targeted user. For example, if your Official account targeted users are University students, therefore promotion activities around Universities will surely be a positive decision.

6. Industry mutual promotion
By attending industry conferences and exhibitions, recommend your Official account to your customers and partners and result in a partnership or mutual support relationship. For example, if your Official account users are frequent restaurant customer and food lovers therefore a partnership may be formed with a restaurant and both sides promote each other’s message with each Official accounts.

7. WeChat AdWords
Official WeChat provides two type of promotions. One is to display your advertisement in WeChat Movement and the other is to display your message below other Official Accounts.

8. Gifts
Gifts to users usually include two types. One is online gifts such as red packets and online WeChat coupons and the other is entity product gifts such as testing products of yours. Online gifts obtain a higher popularity because it has a lower cost and obtains high conversion rates.

9. Vote
No matter it’s Facebook or WeChat, activities of voting always maintain its long-lasting popularity. Creating voting activities by surrounding on users interest topics may attract a large number of users to participate, and lead to discussion, enhance interaction and finally increase Official account’s exposure as well as fans attraction.

10. HTML5 Viral Marketing
Using the Official WeChat account HTML embedded function, produces simple, interesting web games with strong interaction ability. This can achieve the viral marketing effect and may promote the Official account extremely fast. If HTML game can’t be produced by yourself, may contact Target China to produce.