Weekly Star Selection 2.22-2.26

Weekly Star Selection 2.22-2.26

By Wilson Lin(Target China)
17 Feb 2021

The authoritative release of “weekly star selection”

  1. Zhong Hanliang: the ageless handsome star, his new drama “The Sword and the Brocade” officially released on Lantern Festival, the drama he played the marquis Xu Lingyi, decisive, wise and courageous, domineering, in order to maintain the peace of the country, improve people’s livelihood, and support the opening of the sea ban, look forward to his performance!

2. Wei Chen: all-round male artist, singer and actor, handsome and cute, fans cover a wide range of circles, audience awareness is high, the recent variety show “star detective 6” hit, the topic is hot, the program has attracted numerous fans.


3. Bai Jingting: handsome appearance, full of variety, good passerby, the recent “Who’s the murderer 6” hot broadcast, the topic is high, the subsequent pending drama, “Glory Ping Pong” “Irreplaceable Love” “You are my city camp”, the subsequent commercial value is more promising.



4. Yang Li: A famous stand-up comedian, with the phrase “obviously so ordinary, but so confident” brought about a network-level discussion, and participated in the recording of Mango TV’s female emotional healing program “So what if she has emotions” and Youku’s social slow variety show “Under the Same Roof”, which attracted a lot of attention


5. Fu Seoul: A stand-up comedian with distinctive personal characteristics, in the seventh season of “Oddball”, she is the “old oddball” with many golden phrases, frequently appearing on the hot search, her remarks “real inferiority is better than false confidence”, “wrong love She is also a member of the “The Best of the Best” team.

6. Will Pan: “no matter what rhythm sung, with him to reverse the earth”, recently “youth have you 3” is being broadcast, in which Will Pan acted as a rap mentor, review humorous and funny, the style is free and fearless, but also full of golden words, high energy constantly, look forward to more exciting performance of Will Pan!


7. Qi Wei: “Hello Anyi” is on the air, about a robot with human emotions Anyi reunited with other families with the help of the Qiao Mingyu family, the topic is hot, the play Qi played Anyi widely acclaimed, and some netizens say she herself is simply a robot!



8. Gong Jun: Recently, the opening of the “mountain river order” ushered in 8.2 Douban high score, the play as Wen Hak Hsing is not only the face of the play, but also the role of funny, outside the play and become a segment of the hand, frequently on the hot search led the audience to discuss, the circle of powder countless, look forward to his subsequent performance!



9. Li Ronghao: creative male singer, talented, as the mentor of “Youth With You 3”, his personal image and voice is highly recognizable, the songs are widely sung and widely recognized by the public, and his commercial value is climbing.



  1. Song Yi: Since the beginning of the broadcast, the TV series that has maintained the top three cat-eye hits and is constantly searched daily is “The Flabby Son-in-Law”! Song Yi plays the role of Su Tan’er, a young lady of the Su family who has both good looks and a keen mind. On air: “The Superfluous Son-in-Law”; to be broadcast: “The Wind Rises in Luoyang

11. Guo Qilin: redefining the son-in-law, see Guo Qilin’s clever tongue to help his daughter-in-law to get on top! The TV series “Superfluous Son-in-Law”, based on the novel of the same name, has recently gone online, in which the famous mouthpiece Guo Qilin plays the role of Ning Yi, the son-in-law of the Su family, and this role is really suitable for Guo! On air: “The Superfluous Son-in-Law


12. Cao Xiyue: super tough iron lady, water is great! Recently, the popularity of “Superfluous Son-in-law” has been rising, and our Cao Xiyue’s character Yuan Jin’er is also a great attraction! She is brave enough to save her own destiny in the face of persecution, so I love girls like Jin’er! On air: “The Superfluous Son-in-Law



13. Xiao Zhan: “Douluo Continent” a round of broadcast heat has not subsided, the second round on the stars of the central eight times the prime gear and set off the climax! In the play Xiao battle played by the big male Tang San’s martial arts soul is blue silver grass, the discussion of the heat continues! In the broadcast: “Douluo continent”, followed by “the rest of life please more guidance” “ace troops



14. Yang Mi: assessment of the whole section first, double-clear national security is your Anke gallop the world! Yang Mi this time the challenge of new subjects, in the modern spy drama “eye of the storm” in the role of superb ability, superb execution of the double-clear state security reconnaissance section chief quiet, task execution in an orderly manner, is the example of many people in the reconnaissance section. Anke is the best! On air: “Eye of the Storm”, to be broadcast: “Thank you Doctor”, “Lady Dendro



15.  Zhang Binbin: hidden identity, conceal family, but also rare national security talent! Recently in the two satellite TV star “eye of the storm” hot search, Zhang Binbin in which he plays the national security talent Ma Shang, hope this time also can successfully solve the case! On air: “Eye of the Storm”; To be broadcast: “Saito” “Moon Song Line



16.  In the summer of 19 years, “Dear, Love”, Tong year harvested a stunning love, and in 21 years, she wore a wedding dress with the love of her life. Yang Zi in the “my time, your time” guest performance, a wedding dress beautiful and generous, really too beautiful! To be broadcast: “The rest of my life please teach me more” “Green hairpin line



17.  Hu Yidian: “My Time, Your Time” by myself! My Time, Your Time”, the sister story of “Dear, Love”, has been online for almost a month, and its popularity is firmly in the top five in front of the cat! Wu Bai, played by Hu Yi, is a teenage genius, and his performance is super bright! On air: “My Time, Your Time”; To be broadcast: “Hello Gunner



18. Li Yitong: Your own era is created by yourself! The TV series “My Time, Your Time”, adapted from the novel “Secret Room Trapped Fish” by Mo Bao Fei Bao, has been discussed quite a lot recently. Ai Ai, played by Li Yitong, is a senior in robot fighting, and her excessive strength and intelligence are the highlights that make her unforgettable! On air: “My Time, Your Time”; To be broadcast: “Lixia Xing”, “Special War Glory