China Advertising Association

Advertisement Endorsement

Committee Australian Principal


15 years of marketing experience

  • Conversion Rate Optimization Expert/CRO Expert
  • Senior Celebrity Consultant
  • Head of Creative Planning

1) Celebrity business cooperation:


Nature’s Care

Introducing famous Chinese celebrity Haiqing to do promotion for brand

Organising famous Chinese celebrity Leung Chiu-wai to do promotion for brand Tencent

And cooperated with many other large-scale transnational cooperation projects.

2) Good at analysis and planning of whole case promotion:

case: Alibaba and IQiyi exclusive business development promotion in Australia.

3) Understand Chinese and Australian culture, always sales driven.

Cases: Raydel: AUD 1.5million annual sales in only ten shops; DU ‘it: single product increased sales by 233% in one year; Nutrition care: 1 million rmb sales in 5 minutes (Tmall double 11); Sennheiser: 10 sets high end products sales in just one hour during covid-19 border lockdown period in 2020