• E-commerce Website

    English and Chinese language e-commerce website with international shipping methods

  • Tmall Shop Setup

    Tmall Shop applying, interface design, maintenance, data analysis, and product SEO

  • WeChat Shop Setup

    WeChat API applying, integrated shop design, Coupon design and product promotion

  • Daigou/Gift Shop

    Promote the brand to Daigou in Sydney regions by online events and social media campaign

  • Chinese Payment Methods

    Alipay registration and WeChat payment registration

Target China provides a wide range of cross-border e-commerce services to help Australian enterprise selling the products to China without establishing Chinese branches.

Tmall is the most popular Chinese online retail website, which is spun off from Taobao, operated in China by Alibaba Group. It is probably the best way of oversea companies to sell the products directly to Chinese customers. Target China has the partnership with Alibaba group and we are willing to help local business to reach more Chinese clients by Tmall platform. Our Tmall services includes shop applying, content translation, interface design, maintenance, online promotion data analysis and product SEO.

Target China also obtains the services of other e-commerce platforms, such as WeChat shop, Jing Dong and Hai Tao. If you want your own Chinese e-commerce website, we may also produce the website with the Chinese payment gateways and international shipping methods. Additionally, Target China has successful experience in cooperating Daigou(second person purchase) and selling Australian products to China through Daigou network. If your budget does not reach an e-commerce shop, Daigou marketing probably is the best choice.

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