• Registration

    Register Chinese domain and hosting

  • Design & Development

    Develop a Chinese language website basing on the original design concept

  • Chinese Content Writing

    Chinese website content writing or content translation from Australian website

  • SEO & Online Advertising

    Chinese SEO, Baidu promotion, and Chinese social media promotion

  • Maintenance

    Website system update, web server security, and new graphic design

Due to China’s Great Firewall, most oversea websites are blocked and has the issue of operating in China mainland. Furthermore, only Chinese companies have the abilities to register a Chinese web server and .cn domain name. These cause Australian companies having difficulties to reach Chinese customer directly without distributions and middlemen. Target China can register Chinese hosting and domain for Australian companies through the Chinese branch. We also provide related services include Chinese web design & development, Chinese content writing, translation, SEO, online advertising and maintenance.

Case Study

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