• Social Media Account registration

    Our account registration services include Official WeChat account and WeiBo account registration.

  • Campaign Design

    Target China design the campaign basing on the marketing strategies, focusing on the Chinese culture and customer behaviors.

  • Content Creating

    Our content creators are highly experienced in creating interesting and attractive post on Chinese social media.

  • Social Media Advertising

    Target China provides accurate advertising strategies for WeChat as well as Weibo.

  • Offline Promotion

    Target China also design and host offline activities to promote client’s social media channels.

WeChat and Weibo are the most popular social media channels in China. According to the Official WeChat impact report in 2016, there are more than 1 billion people been registered as Wechat users, and over 700 million users are active users. Weibo has ranked at the 12th among global social media applications which reached 2 billion users last year. This huge users base means unlimited business opportunities for both companies and individuals.

As Chinese population have different ways of thinking leading to most of the western social media theories not valuing in the promotion of Wechat, Weibo or any other Chinese social media platforms. Target China fully understand the logics and hobbies of Chinese customers therefore are able to design the appropriate and influential campaign basing on the Chinese culture, customer behaviours, and Chinese social media marketing principles, meaning that our strategies are certainly creative and effective.

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