Weekly Star Selection 3.15-3.19

Weekly Star Selection 3.15-3.19

By Wilson Lin(Target China)
22 March 2021

The authoritative release of “weekly star selection”

1. Bi Wenjun: When you do two grains of mortal dust, I also hope you are happy. The new drama “In the world of fine dust” by the great and handsome Bi Wenjun has released a new teaser photo on the romantic White Valentine’s Day, where he plays Ai Jingchu, whose gentle eyes leave a warm imprint on this spring. To be broadcast: “In the World of Dust”.

  1. Wu Xuan Yi: The story written in the fine dust is the fact that I love you. Just wrapped up the popular drama “Douluo Continent” Hainan fairy Wu Xuan Yi brought everyone a White Valentine’s Day gift – of course, new photos of the new drama! She plays the role of “Little Fish” Zeng Qi in “In the Dust of the World”. To be broadcast: “In the Dust of the World”.

  1. Zhu Zhengting: the teenager keeps going, the starlight is ahead! Zhu Zhengting, who just celebrated his 25th birthday, also received warm wishes from his former NINEPERCENT teammates, sparking a frenzy of discussion! The heat keeps on going up! To be broadcast: “Kyushu Zhu Yan Ji”, “Lonely Beast”.

  1. Dilraba Dilmurat: the moment you appear, the snow falling is also warm. The “You are my glory” that we have been waiting for since the start of filming has a new poster! With white woolen hat’s and scarf’s Dilraba Dilmurat is also too sweet! To be broadcast: “You are my glory” “The long song”.

  1. Yang Yang: In the road of life, you can also have a place. Who can not love Yang Yang, who can not love Yang Yang as Yu Tu! You are my glory” in the new teaser photo of Yu Tu, the gentle watery eyes do not know how many girls’ teenage hearts are clutched! To be broadcast: “You are my glory” “Try the world”.

  1. Zhang Zifeng: my sister, always beautiful, always young. The film “My Sister” will be released in April, so look forward to her sister! To be broadcast: “My Sister”.

  1. Jing Tian: blood and the fate of rebirth, my life is windy, but still love you. The popular writer tail fish novel of the same name TV series “Saito” is hot broadcast on all platforms, Jing Tian as Saito is a “girl” from the other world, Jing Tian played too well! Hot airing: “Saito”.

  1. Zhang Binbin: with my blood to meet a good man, good time is today, today is good time. The eye of the storm” is hot, but Zhang Binbin starring in “Siddhartha” is still on air, he plays Qin Fang, a typical “rich and handsome”, but is an uncompromisingly honest man! Hot: “Siddhartha”; To be broadcast: “Moon Song”.

  1. Ma Si Chun: “I am the first time to be someone’s girlfriend”, but sincerely give you, you have to accept! What is the drama that made countless viewers shout “kswl”! The main character of the show is “You are my city camp”, in which she plays Miaka, who is really too likeable! Hot: “You are my city camp”; To be broadcast: “The first incense”, “Broken Bridge”.

  1. Xu Kai: Recently, he has been paired with Yang Mi in the “Two Eight Law of Love” “wedding” out of the road, the popularity continues to climb, in addition, the follow-up to be broadcast “Lixing Xing”, “Thousands of ancient penannular dust”, “still food”, “you smile when very beautiful” although not yet on air, but also has accumulated a certain amount of popularity, worth looking forward to.

  1. Boran Jing: quality male god, fan base and cover a wide range of circles, excellent fashion performance, frequently on the cover of major magazines, attracting countless fans, the follow-up to be broadcast “Zhang Gong case”, “female psychologist”, “South Smoke Zhai pen records”, partner Song Weilong, Yang Zi, Liu Yifei and others, worth looking forward to.

  1. Zhang Yixing: one of the top flow, repeatedly on the Spring Festival Gala, high national recognition, will recently participate in the recording in the form of resident guests in “to the life of 5”, with its own funny attributes, but generally not funny Yixing finally came, looking forward to the performance of the cute and terrier him.

13. Huang Lei: Well-known actor, his permanent resident of the main slow life of the variety show “to the life of 5” opened, the previous season with a unique program model in many programs stand out, harvesting good word of mouth and ratings, not the least of which is Huang Xiao chef’s gourmet meals to the enjoyment of the audience and guests, looking forward to his performance.

14. Zhou Penchang: Chinese music industry strength singer, many times won the music awards, singing delicate and spontaneous both, sound into the heart, “Notes”, “who moved my strings”, “number”, “fish cans”, “your love” and other songs with high popularity, the recent “Sisters Who Make Waves”.

15. Liu Yuning: OST prolific, 21 years just over three months, he has already delivered 9 OST, perfectly mastering different styles, business ability has increased greatly, his tone comes with the “temperament of the jianghu” and “prodigal son flavor” also let more listeners know He has been recognized by more and more listeners.

16. Zhou also: Born after 1995, with the role of “teenage you” impressed the audience, and was nominated for the Hundred Flowers Award and the Golden Rooster Award for Best Supporting Actress Award, plasticity is very strong, the recent “Mountain River Order” hot broadcast, the drama as the maidservant of Wen Hak Xing Gu Xiang, performance is notable.

  1. Xu Lu: with “Dream of the Red Chamber” in the role of “Xue Baochai” into the acting circle, after the “Legend of Zhen Huan” “Sea Shepherd’s Tale” and other works to let the audience remember her, recently released a new fashion blockbuster, a black deep V backless dress, elegant and generous, just like a fairy tale princess.

  1. Lydia Chung: Little Red Book, personal tags: weight loss exercise, skin care, lifestyle.

On stage she is a goddess sister who is energetic and brave enough to challenge age; in life she is a Yaya who is eager to share exercise tips for everyone. If you want to get more weight loss and shaping skills, then follow your sister on Little Red Book quickly!

  1. Chen He: TikTok. Personal tag: Face value master, goods carrying artist.

Chen He, who is good at playing comedy roles, is a self-made person in his film and TV works, but he is also extremely cute in private. He shares his quirky routine and his daily routine with his daughter on the ShakeYin platform, attracting a large number of fans to pay attention to him. The goodies recommended in the live broadcast are also empty on the shelves in seconds, the ability to bring goods is great!

On air: “Hello, Lee Hwan Young” To be broadcast: “Dress Up”.

  1. Hu Haiquan. TikTok: Bandwagon artist.

From “The Most Beautiful” to “Cold to the End”, from “I am a Singer” to “The Sound of Heaven”. Hu Haiquan has always used his unique infectious power to deliver sentient and interesting music works. On stage he is a soulful singer, in the live studio he is a Hu anchor with goodies from his heart!

On air: “The Sound of Heaven”.

  1. Crazy Sisters. TikTok: shake sound personal label: drama funny.

 Shao Yuxuan is also known as “Master Beller” by netizens because of his high hairline.

  1. Meniye. TikTok. Shake Personal tags: talent, face value, drama.

Whisper it to you, Meniye he is on fire again, born in 1998, Guangdong boy, once with a tie cross-dressing, by throwing sugar stunt “Mei Qi side leak”, and then drive the whole network “tactical detective” micro skit series, has become the leader from the followers, who can carry such an evil smile of the little brother.