Weekly Star Selection 3.8-3.12

Weekly Star Selection 3.8-3.12

By Wilson Lin(Target China)
15 March 2021

  1. Jing Tian: ruthless girl online challenge, according to the tail fish adapted from the novel of the same name TV series “Siddhartha” finally online, this time by Jing played Siddhartha, wearing cheongsam that share of the Republic of China beauty taste really let people cannot move their eyes ah! On air: “Siddhartha”.

2.. Zhang Binbin: Where is the magic Qin? After falling off a cliff to recover a life and then become a master of resurrection, Qin Fang’s life is also wonderful ah! Zhang Binbin played Qin Fang is a rich and face “silly white sweet”, Qin Fang brings Zhang Binbin’s cute side, too like! On air: “Saito”, “Eye of the Storm”; To be broadcast: “Moon Song”.

  1. Liu Yifei: spring cherry blossoms and love, to be related to the sky fairy. Recently attended an event Liu Yifei transformed into a sweet cupcake, lavender cake long dress lined out temperament and this spring match just right! To be broadcast: “South Smoke Zhai pen book” “Meng Hua Record”.

  1. Liu Shishi: the power of women heroes, but also in the 360 lines everywhere show! March 8 International Women’s Day is approaching, the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party dedication film “1921” also released a female special, in which Liu Shishi’s Republican costume attracted the eyes of many viewers, fallen generous, full of temperament, I hope that “1921” is released soon! To be broadcast: “1921”.

  1. Times Youth Group: The youths are gathering again in spring! Let’s move forward together! The popular boy group Era Boys recently released the music video of their new song “Upward Boys”, and the related topics have been read by more than 120 million people so far, while the group’s variety show “Pick Up the Seniors” and “Ace to Ace” and “Happy Camp” are hotly broadcasted.

  1. Zhao Liying: double chef ecstasy! Li Ying and Disney’s dream linkage is simply too cool! As the voice of the main character Laya in the Chinese dubbed version of “Legend of Dragon Quest”, Zhao Liying’s performance this time is also very surprising, looking forward to Liying’s new drama Oh! To be broadcast: “happiness to ten thousand families” “who is the murderer”.

  1. Xu Weizhou: overcoming difficulties step by step, step by step towards glory! The world champion Yu Kenan is here! In “Glory Ping Pong”, Xu Weizhou plays Yu Kenan, a gifted, confident and proud Yu Kenan who is so attractive! Now Playing: “Glory Ping Pong”.

  1. Bai Jingting: become faith in the fire, become a fortress that protects for love. Adapted from Mu Qing Yu’s novel of the same name, the TV series “You Are My Citadel Barracks” is finally online, with Bai Jingting playing Xing Kebei as the youngest commando captain, with full marks for face value and strength! On air: “You are my city camp”, “Glory Ping Pong”; to be broadcast: “8090”, “Our New Era”.

  1. Ma Si Chun: the history of the growth of surgeons, guarding their most determined mission! In “You Are My City Barracks”, Ma Si Chun plays the role of Mi Kah, a doctor who has a desire for the cause of emergency rescue, a girl who has a noble mission for the cause of doctors is really fascinating! On air: “You Are My City and Barracks”; to be broadcast: “Broken Bridge”, “The First Incense”.

  1. He Hongshan: love the marquis with all his heart and soul, do not hesitate to put down his body to be a concubine! The role of Qiao Lianfang in the hit “Jinxin Like Yu” is too exasperating, and is being urged by netizens to play the good guys collectively, and I posted a flag to try not to play the bad guys, # He Hongshan wants to play the good guys Subsequently on the hot search. This also happens to show that He Hongshan’s understanding and interpretation of the role is spot on, regardless of the good guys and bad guys, sister play the role will support! On air: “The Heart of a Fairy” To be broadcast: “Jun Jiuling”.

  1. Zhang Zifeng: from the teenager Fang Deng in “Tangshan Earthquake” whose eyes made countless viewers heartbroken, to the junior girl Fang Duoduo in “Little Goodbye” who was a little rebellious in her adolescence, Zifeng’s sister’s acting skills have been growing under the public’s attention. The movie “My Sister” and “Secret Visitor” have been scheduled one after another, so let’s pull up our expectations and rub our hands together for Zi Feng’s new work! To be broadcast: “My Sister”, “Summer Future”, “Secret Visitor”.

  1. Wang Yibo: walking in the forefront of fashion coolguy Wang Yibo has been the trendsetter, not only in acting, hosting, music are developed, but also in the extreme sports have their own role. The next Bo will also have a number of works and everyone to meet, let us look forward to strength idol to bring us more surprises! To be broadcast: “The Wind Rises in Luoyang”, “Ice and Fire”, “China Peacekeeping Police”.

  1. Song Weilong: He is the sunny and progressive young milk dog Yuan Song in “Next Happiness”, and also the cold and detached Ling Xiao in “In the Name of the Family”, Song Weilong stands out in a host of sweet and petting dramas by virtue of his appearance, and has already become the campus god in the hearts of young girls, and we have to look forward to his performance in “The Case of Zhang Gong” next! To be broadcast: “The Case of Zhang Gong”.

  1. Zhang Xiaofei: “mother” top stream 85 flowers, because of “Hello Li Huanying” and fire, traffic and commercial value climb, the big names have to her olive branch, at the same time comes with the “big green clothes” temperament also let her become a very shortage of types of internal entertainment film and television circle. Look forward to more exciting works from Fei Ma to the audience.

  1. Xu Weizhou: an all-round artist, winning many awards in the song category, balancing film and variety, strong fashion performance, and stable commercial value. In the opening of “Glory Ping Pong”, Xu Wei Zhou and Bai Jingting are transformed into a ping pong boy, with love and fearlessness, competing with passion and winning.

16. Zhang Zhehan: Recently, the opening of the “Mountain River Order” ushered in a high score of 8.2 Douban, the drama as Wen Ke Xing is not only the face of the play, but also the role of funny, and outside the play has become a segment of the hand, often on the hot search led the audience to discuss, the powder countless, look forward to his subsequent performance!

17. Ma Tianyu: Buddhist style artist, always maintain a positive and optimistic attitude towards life, his warm and healing smile to gain a large number of fans, to be broadcast top immortal fantasy super film and television IP “dust edge” partner Angelababy, is expected to be broadcast in the first half of this year.

18. Chen Kun: Ageless male god, both strength, face value and texture, committed to mind building public welfare projects, the initiator of “walking power”, high national recognition, high commercial value, the follow-up to be broadcasted “God of the seal trilogy” “win or lose”, worth looking forward to.

19. Zhang Yuhao: new generation actor, starred in a number of films and dramas such as “Ya Bai” and “Wind Dog Boy’s Sky”, will play Xiao Erdong who is almost blind but runs wildly for his marathon dream in “Amazing Dad”, the movie is scheduled for April 2, look forward to his performance!

  1. Landi Li: New generation actress, selected for the 2019 Forbes China 30 Under 30 Elite List, recently broadcast Don’t Try to Disturb Me from Studying, a youth drama focusing on learning and growing up, in which she plays the female protagonist Nan Xiangwei, whose big brother-like character is distinctive and climbing in popularity.

21. Zhao Jinmai: the new “national daughter”, first in the “My! Physical Education Teacher” with Zhang Jiayi to form a father-daughter file, the image of the rebellious and naughty daughter portrayed to the fullest, and in the “Wandering Earth” as Han Duo Duo and widely known by the public, the recent “ideal life of love” hot broadcast.