Weekly Star Selection 5.17-5.21

Weekly Star Selection 5.17-5.21

By Ranger(Target China)

1. Wang Kai: A well-known actor. In “Dajiang Dahe 2”, he used his superb acting skills to portray an idealistic and unbeatable Song Yunhui, and was shortlisted for the best actor of Magnolia. This drama has been replayed many times. All steadily appearing on the radio and television ratings list is enough to show the audience’s affection for Song Yunhui.

2. Lei Jiayin: A solid foundation in acting skills, a delicate attitude, and rich experience in performing arts allow him to master various themes, and follow-up dramas will be intensive. .

3. Lu Yi: A powerful actor with high national recognition. He has recently appeared in the “Ark of Hope” chapter of “Ideal Illuminates China” and played Gu Fangzhou, the father of “Chinese Poliomyelitis Vaccine”. He devoted himself to the development of a “live vaccine” to eradicate polio , Make concerted efforts to overcome the experimental problems.

4. Zhang Han: In the recent broadcasts of “Wife’s Romantic Travel 5” and “Fifty Kilometer Taohuawu”, there are many variety show topics, high attention, and recent popularity. There are many subsequent dramas to be broadcast, including “Gentlemen, please stand at attention” and “Fengyan” “Everywhere” “Three Body”.

5. Yu Hewei: An old drama with a rich texture and a constant popularity recently. With “Awakening Age” and “Above the Cliff”, he competed for Magnolia’s Best Actor Award and nominated Huading Movie King.