Target China Celebrity Series – Jing Tian

Target China Celebrity Series – Jing Tian

By Wilson Lin(Target China)
31 Mar 2021


Flowers of wealth — Jing Tian

Jing Tian has acted in many big films with top stars such as Matt Damon, Jackie Chan, Andy Lau and Donnie Yen, and is well known both nationally and internationally.

After two years, Jing Tian is back in action with the hit drama Rattan, which has once again brought Jing Tian to the attention of audiences. This time, although she is not working with a top star, her novel and interesting plot, classical Chinese styling and relatable acting skills have pushed her popularity and critical acclaim to a new high.



The drama is adapted from the metaphysical novel Half Demon Rattan, in which the male protagonist is a modern youth who accidentally meets the female protagonist who has been asleep for decades and overcomes obstacles to grow together. Jing Tian’s look in the drama has been recognised by the public as beautiful and noble yet classical. She also portrayed the heroine’s arrogant stubbornness and kindness very well.

With the temperament of a lady of the house, first-class resources and rising popularity, it is no wonder that fans have given Jing Tian the title of “flowers of wealth”.



人间富贵花 — 景甜

景甜出演过许多大制作的电影,合作的明星都是马特 · 达蒙、成龙、刘德华、甄子丹这种一线大咖,在国内和国际的知名度都很高。





大家闺秀的气质,一流的资源,不断上涨的人气,怪不得粉丝送给景甜一个称号 — 人间富贵花。




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