Target China Celebrity Series – Jing Tian

Target China Celebrity Series – Jing Tian

By Wilson Lin(Target China)
31 Mar 2021


Flowers of wealth — Jing Tian

Jing Tian has acted in many big films with top stars such as Matt Damon, Jackie Chan, Andy Lau and Donnie Yen, and is well known both nationally and internationally.

After two years, Jing Tian is back in action with the hit drama Rattan, which has once again brought Jing Tian to the attention of audiences. This time, although she is not working with a top star, her novel and interesting plot, classical Chinese styling and relatable acting skills have pushed her popularity and critical acclaim to a new high.



The drama is adapted from the metaphysical novel Half Demon Rattan, in which the male protagonist is a modern youth who accidentally meets the female protagonist who has been asleep for decades and overcomes obstacles to grow together. Jing Tian’s look in the drama has been recognised by the public as beautiful and noble yet classical. She also portrayed the heroine’s arrogant stubbornness and kindness very well.

With the temperament of a lady of the house, first-class resources and rising popularity, it is no wonder that fans have given Jing Tian the title of “flowers of wealth”.



人间富贵花 — 景甜

景甜出演过许多大制作的电影,合作的明星都是马特 · 达蒙、成龙、刘德华、甄子丹这种一线大咖,在国内和国际的知名度都很高。





大家闺秀的气质,一流的资源,不断上涨的人气,怪不得粉丝送给景甜一个称号 — 人间富贵花。




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Key Marketing Trends you should know for 2021

Key Marketing Trends you should know for 2021

By Wilson Lin(Target China)
15 Mar 2021


In 2021, the China market became more important than ever for brands around the world. Today, we are going to introduce the key marketing trends for you to consider when you enter the Chinese market (applicable for both China and Australia).


1.KOL Marketing

Chinese consumers are wary of trying out products from brands directly without consulting a friend or any other third person who has used the product. This dependence on the third-person opinion has given rise to KOL (Key Opinion Leader) marketing. KOL shapes public opinion in their respective industry and drives sales for many brands.



2. Video Marketing

China has upscaled its video marketing content into sections through apps like TikTok. Chinese users watch movies, short films, stream music videos and exchange messages on the platforms. This has enabled marketers to leverage the platform effectively for ads to target customers based on their video preferences. Brands like Michael Kors, Adidas and Pizza Hut ran successful campaigns on TikTok (Douyin).


3.Online to Offline Marketing

While Omni channel marketing made its rounds in western society, O2O marketing has been prevalent in China. O2O stands for Online to Offline, it blurs the online and offline gap. O2O is a strategy that links a digital connection to offline sales and has evolved with QR code technology. O2O marketing is important because e-commerce comprises of a portion of the total retail sales globally.


4.Mobile Marketing

The Chinese skipped an entire generation of ‘desktop’ usage because mobile usage penetrated much later into the country after the digital sprout all over the world. The Chinese are adaptive to using their phones for buying groceries to hailing a cab.

If you want to do marketing in China, mobile should be first. For example, Bytedance’s short video platform, TikTok (Douyin), has emerged as one of the most popular mobile marketing channels nowadays, has garnered 300 million MAU (monthly active users) in China alone. Many marketers in China have already started testing campaigns on the platform.

Moreover, Little Red Book is also one of the most important tools when it comes to Chinese Marketing. According to the research, 97% of the users prefer to use Little Red Book on their mobile devices. As a result, mobile marketing is definitely something that you should consider when targeting the Chinese market.


To sum up, the Chinese market can be different to all the other markets. It is important to know the culture, trends, restrictions and language. The good news is, Target China is a professional marketing agency that has extensive experience in the media & marketing fields. We can easily assist you in reaching the brand promotional goal and also grow your sale!


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Target China Celebrity Series – Wang Yibo


Target China Celebrity Series – Wang Yibo

By Wilson Lin(Target China)
1 Mar 2021

王一博,1997年8月5日出生于中国河南省洛阳市,中国流行乐男歌手、演员、主持人、职业摩托车赛车手 ,男子演唱组合UNIQ成员。

2014年9月15日,以UNIQ组合成员身份正式出道;12月,组合获得尖叫爱奇艺之夜颁奖礼最具期待组合奖 。2015年,主演青春励志电影《梦想合伙人》 ;同年,随组合获得酷音乐亚洲盛典年度内地最佳新人奖和尖叫爱奇艺之夜颁奖礼年度音乐大奖 。2016年3月,随组合凭借歌曲《EOEO》获得美国International-K Music Awards最佳编舞奖;4月29日,正式成为综艺节目《天天向上》主持团“天天兄弟”成员;12月,领衔主演都市爱情励志喜剧《人间至味是清欢》。


2017年,主演青春校园仙侠剧《私立蜀山学园》;同年,获得第十七届音乐风云榜年度盛典偶像新势力奖、亚洲影响力盛典最佳新人演员奖以及微博电视影响力盛典年度新锐艺人奖  。2018年2月,主持湖南卫视春节联欢晚会;3月,担任竞演类真人秀节目《创造101》舞蹈导师  ;4月,领衔主演仙侠古装剧《陈情令》。9月,主演青春电竞电视连续剧《陪你到世界之巅》。

2019年9月,主演古装剧《有翡》 。10月,王一博入选2019福布斯中国30位30岁以下精英榜  。2020年5月,主演刑侦涉案剧《冰雨火》 。10月18日,凭借电视剧《陪你到世界之巅》获得第30届中国电视金鹰奖观众喜爱的男演员奖。






Wang Yibo (born in 5 of August, 1997) is a Chinese actor, dancer, singer, rapper, TV host, and professional motorcycle racer. He debuted as a member of the South Korean-Chinese boyband Uniq in 2014. As an actor, Wang is best known for his leading roles in television series Gank Your Heart (2019), The Untamed (2019), and Legend of Fei (2020). In 2020, Wang ranked 9th in the Celebrity 100 list by Forbes China.

Endorsements and ambassadorships

Wang is one of the most in-demand and influential brand ambassadors in China. Partnering with over 30 brands, his endorsements and ambassadorships range from local products such as Ping An Insurance, transportation app DiDi, skincare brand Pechoin, Youku, Game for Peace (PUBG),  and online food delivery to international brands including Swarovski, Lenovo, Monster Energy, and KFC. He is the global spokesperson of Shu Uemura cosmetics, denim brand Evisu, and Redmi smartphones.

In 2020, Wang became the first entertainer to be granted the title of official partner by Nike in Mainland China. Wang is also the youngest member and the youngest brand ambassador of Audi Elite Club in history, after Maggie CheungAndy Lau, and pianist Lang Lang.

Due to his passion for extreme sports, particularly skateboarding and motorcycle racing, as well as his widespread influence in the younger generation, Wang was honorably appointed by the Chinese government as the Chinese Skateboarding Promotion Ambassador, also the ambassador for the Chinese winter sports and the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics.

Wang has graced the front covers of the Chinese edition of various international magaziness, such as GQ Style, CosmopolitanL’Officiel HommesMarie ClaireHarper’s Bazaar, and T magazine. In March 2020, Wang became the first Chinese celebrity to grace all three covers of SuperELLE China by himself in its history. In December, Wang starred a fashion film project between Vogue Film and Chanel alongside Zhou Xun titled Le Vrai Ou (花的游吟).

No.1 female director in China’s box office


中国票房第一的女导演 – No.1 female director in China’s box office

By Wilson Lin(Target China)
23 Feb 2021


On 15 February 2021, the film named ‘Hi Mom’ grossed over $1.5 billion, making director Jia Ling the highest-grossing female director in the Chinese film history.





This is a film that accidentally travels back in time. Going back is not about saving the world or having a love affair, but about meeting up with her mother who has already passed away.


Jia Ling is the most popular comedian in China, and this is her first time directing a film. ‘Hi Mom’ could not have been so successful without her sincerity, in addition to her hard work. Such qualities as sincerity and kindness come from Jia Ling’s loving family.



这部电影的英文名叫Hi Mom,而中文名叫你好,李焕英。李焕英是贾玲的母亲的名字,她在贾玲19岁时意外去世,成了贾玲心中永远的伤痛。


She is from a not very wealthy family and not a good-looking girl. Despite working very hard, he never became famous. But she was able to keep going with the support of her family.


The film is called ‘Hi, Li Huanying’ in Chinese. Li Huanying is the name of Jia Ling’s mother, who died unexpectedly when she was 19 and became a permanent sorrow in Jia Ling’s heart.


Now, she has achieved fame and fortune, she does her best to give back to her father and sister but can never repay her mom. She created this film and acted in it herself, hoping to use it to honour her mother and also tell the audience to spend more time with their parents and family.



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Little Red Book – the emerging marketing trend you shouldn’t miss out!


Little Red Book – the emerging marketing trend you shouldn’t miss out!

By Wilson Lin(Target China)
17 Feb 2021

What is RED?

Started in 2014, Xiaohongshu, also known as Little Red Book, or simply Red, has grown to become China’s foremost fashion and luxury shopping platform. This innovative app now attracts over 100 million users – mostly young Chinese shoppers to share their shopping know-how and product reviews. This represents an amazing opportunity for brands to build their market presence in Chinese people. It’s why big players like Chanel, Dior, and Louis Vuitton are paying so much attention to this emerging platform.


And now, the tricky part: Little Red Book isn’t really a shopping platform at all.

It’s first and foremost a content-sharing site, where users can post product photos with reviews and tips for other users to read, comment, and save to their boards – just like Pinterest. In contrast with other e-commerce platforms, Little Red Book focuses on a unique blend of trusted user-generated content, word of mouth advertising, and online community-building.


Little Red Book focuses heavily on building trust and reliability between the platform and consumers, rewarding users for posting suggestions and advice to followers.


Why is it important?

China’s e-commerce industry is predicted to be worth $1.8 trillion RMB (Chinese dollar) by 2022, and a large chunk of this growth is expected to come from the fashion and luxury goods market. Thus, this is an awesome opportunity for brands to promote their products or services, and Little Red Book gradually becomes a “must-have” social media platform.


The popularity of these kinds of posts indicated the value of authenticity on the platform, with users rewarding influencers for realism, accessibility, and being relatable.


Target Audience

In Sydney, almost 80% of these users are middle or upper-class women between ages of 25-35 with higher degrees of disposable income. This is an incredibly lucrative market for fashion, beauty, luxury and cosmetics brands.

Since its launch, Little Red Book has hit some amazing stats. For example, on June 6, 2017, Little Red Book held a shopping festival to celebrate the anniversary of its founding, and the sales revenue of the day exceeding 100 million RMB in just two hours (WOW)!




So… How can we help? 

With extensive experience in the media/marketing fields, Target China holds a mature RED celebrity operation system with 100+ celebrities, KOLs and KOCs to assist you in reaching the brand promotional goal!

Our hassle-free service includes:

  • RED account/official account set-up
  • Professional copywriting and content creation
  • Account operation, customer service, and management
  • Influencer marketing – KOL/KOC management
  • Vlog creation
  • RED store and Livestream set-up
  • Seamlessly connect RED and WeChat


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Target China Celebrity Series – Liu Yifei

Target China Celebrity Series – Liu Yifei

By Wilson Lin(Target China)
17 Feb 2021



与此同时,由品牌女装创意总监 Nicolas Ghesquière 执导、刘亦菲出镜演绎的Louis Vuitton 2021春夏系列广告特辑也即将发布。

On January 29th, 2021, the world-renowned luxury brand Louis Vuitton announced that actress Liu Yifei has become the brand’s spokesperson.
Meanwhile, the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2021 campaign, directed by Nicolas Ghesquière and featuring Liu Yifei, will also be released.



The release of Mulan last year brought more attention to Liu Yifei. In the film, Liu Yifei is both handsome and feminine, a perfect match for the Louis Vuitton brand.




In the two days following the announcement (January 29th – 30th), Louis Vuitton’s brand buzz index reached 95.70, exceeding the average value of all new endorsements and new endorsements in the same category (apparel) in December last year. The brand’s spokesperson Liu Yifei contributed 55.02% of the buzz generated by the announcement, more than the average of all new endorsements and new endorsements in the same category in December last year.




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